“We discovered Archicad back in 2005. It fulfills what we need in terms of design and documentation. As the software evolved over the years, the rendering function became so good that we use Archicad almost exclusively for all our output.”

Graphisoft Archicad 24 - Seamless, transparent, integrated workflows between architects and engineers in a shared experience with cloud-based teamwork and mobile BIM workflows results in more effective building design and engineering.

Graphisoft, the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) software solution for architecture has launched Archicad 24, the latest version of the award-winning BIM software, for the Malaysia and Singapore markets recently.

Also launched were the latest release of BIMcloud, the AEC industry’s first and most advanced cloud-based team collaboration solution; and BIMx, the most popular mobile and web BIM app.


• BIMx features the ‘BIM Hyper-model’ – a game-like navigation experience that helps anyone explore the building model and understand project deliverables.

• Real-time model cut-throughs, in-context measuring and project markups in the model context make BIMx the architects’ best on-site BIM companion.

• Powerful APIs allow BIMx to connect to 3rd party ecosystems to offer access to and control of external datasets managed in the context of the building information model.

- Catherine Loke, Partner, Lander Loke Associates, and First Vice-President of Singapore Institute of Architects.

Archicad 24

• Archicad 24 can also perform real-time ray tracing and a host of other capabilities as it includes Twinmotion 2020 from Epic Games. BIMcloud.

• Delivers secure, real-time collaboration between project team members regardless of the size or complexity of the project, the location of the offices, or the speed of the Internet connection.

• Available in both private and public cloud configurations on standard hardware.

• Smaller offices can also take advantage of BIMcloud’s fast, efficient, and secure access to shared projects in real time.

“With BIM software gaining ground in Malaysia, Archicad 24 and the latest versions of BIMcloud and BIMx have come at an opportune time. In Singapore, we are excited to be able to help our clients gain enhanced value with GRAPHISOFT software and solutions. With Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) as the main thrust of the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) Construction Industry Transformation Map, the AEC firms that embrace IDD will save time and resources.”

- Edmund Lau, Managing Director, Graphisoft Singapore & Malaysia.


Complete documentation sets, combined with a powerful publishing workflow that follows local BIM requirements, means architects can focus on their designs, leaving the paperwork to the software. Archicad’s automatic drawing and layout generation, automatic dimensioning, and other tools have long been recognized by industry experts as superior.

Archicad 24 raises the bar on documentation with the introduction of higher-level programming languages like Python. Architects can now easily create automation scripts in Archicad, and complete command chains from outside Archicad.


Immersive presentations engage clients, providing a deeper understanding of the building design from start to finish. Archicad’s built-in palette of visualization tools and workflows with the world’s leading rendering and VR solutions make it easy for architects to show off their designs in informative and inspiring ways, ensuring that all stakeholders have a shared understanding of the project deliverables.

Thanks to over 500 revamped materials in Archicad 24, architects can create even richer, more compelling renderings. Projects of any size are now easily experienced on a mobile device with the brand-new BIMx 3D engine. Residential library updates add state-of-the-art modern furniture to the BIM model.  Archicad 24 offers powerful improvements, including Dark Mode support on macOS and a brand-new node-based interface to custom GDL content creation – called Param-O.

The Archicad 24 local packages are available for download on the official download site. For more information about Archicad 24, please visit graphisoft.com/sg/archicad.

Together, Archicad 24, BIMcloud, and BIMx now provide further advantages in design and analysis, collaboration, documentation, and visualization.


Archicad 24 unites architects and engineers, who can now work on a shared model with brand-new analytical model integration. The benefits of this integrated design environment include:

• Elimination of redundant models

• Removal of coordination errors

• Structurally correct models ready for construction

• Better building designs achieved in a significantly shorter amount of time


GRAPHISOFT’s BIMcloud technology gets a major upgrade with version 24. Architects and structural engineers can now co-design the loadbearing structure of the building thanks to the powerful “BIM Track Changes” workflow. Major benefits to core architectural workflows include:

• Smart Model Compare: Compare any two BIM models — including two different versions of the same design — to view various design options and compare content from consultants.

• Updated Issue Management: Suggest design variations, organize the results of the smart model compare into smart issue lists with assignment names, prioritize tasks, create an issue log — all integrated and managed in the cloud.


• Upon completion in 2021, Merdeka 118 Tower will be the second-tallest skyscraper in the world.

• Merdeka 118 Tower is located in one of the most important sites in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is where independence was proclaimed by the then Prime Minister in 1957.

• It is marked by a heritage stadium, which is an open stadium.

• Merdeka 118 Tower is a marker of the historical site and can be seen anywhere in Kuala Lumpur.

Merdeka 118 Tower, designed by Fender Katsalidis using GRAPHISOFT Archicad

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