Experts recommend that we get eight hours of sleep per day, which accounts for one-third of the 24-hour cycle. So, it’s safe to estimate that we spend a third of our lives lying on our beds, and that makes selecting the best mattress you can afford a hugely important decision.

A new Malaysian company, Joey Mattress, is seeking to revolutionize the way we buy our mattresses. You won’t see them in any showrooms, however, as the company sells its proprietary mattress exclusively online through its e-commerce website.

The Joey Mattress is made locally, underpinned by an in-house engineered polyurethane foam dubbed J-Foam which the company claims to offer unrivalled bounciness, better breathability, pressure-point relief and ultra-durability.

A good night’s sleep is priceless, and we have a Malaysian start-up seeking to change the way we buy mattresses.

Construction of the mattress consists of two layers. The top 8cm is soft and bouncy for pressure-relief whilst the bottom 15cm is made firmer to help with optimal spine alignment. Finally, the top cover is made of 68% top cover is made of 68% polyester and 32% viscose, a smooth and breathable cover for a cool sleep.



Perhaps the biggest USP of the Joey Mattress is its Zero-Motion Transfer technology that isolates movements on the mattress. Watch their promo video of a gentleman leaping onto the mattress whilst the glass of wine sitting on it remains undisturbed. A Godsend for married couples.

By going direct to consumer and not having to pay overheads for a fancy store, Joey Mattress is able to price their products very attractively indeed. Prices range from RM1,250 for single size to RM2,395 for King size. Top in an extra RM150, they’ll help you dispose of your old mattress.

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Delivery is free, though currently only available in the Klang Valley, and Joey Mattress offers a no-obligation 99-day trial period, during which the customer has the option of returning the mattress for a full refund. Should they decide to keep it, the mattress is covered by a 10-year warranty against defects.