The Motopanfilo 37M

Although distinctly modern in its use of fibreglass and composite lines, the Motopanfilo 37M is heavily inspired by its historical originators. Motopanfilo is an Italian word used in the 1960s to denote the large motor yachts of the time: an era of many stylistic and creative successes. Such connotations of glamour and style continue to ring true for the contemporary model, appealing to a new generation of yacht owners with its tasteful construction.

The interior and exterior design of the reborn Motopanfilo 37M has been carefully crafted to blend modern finishes with nods to elements of the past. Architects Claudio Lazzarini and Carl Pickering (Lazzarini Pickering Architetti) explain that their intention was to keep interior elements elegantly nautical, representative of classic boat interiors. The beautifully light space, featuring an artful use of mirrors, expands the sea views for seamless visuals. In combination with the classy exterior (a collaboration by Francesco Struglia and Benetti), this vessel truly is one of a kind.

In the saloon of the Main Deck, warm wood covers the floor and ceiling, making the space very inviting. Additionally, light-coloured furnishings amplify the surrounding sunlight, contributing to the easy-going yet luxurious feel that is echoed throughout the yacht. The owner’s suite can be found in the front bow of the main deck, into which the impressive design continues with an elegant flow.

Positioned above the hard top of the yacht, the Observation Deck ensures that guests can continue their experience with a special spot in the sky, from which surrounding views are all the more impressive.

On the Upper Deck (where the captain’s wheelhouse sits) parties will surely be held on this level’s exterior. Here, sun-loungers and a jacuzzi await in the open air.

Connected by a spiral staircase, 4 comfortable guest cabins can be found on the Lowerdeck, each accommodated with a double bed and touches that reflect the calming colour scheme of the main deck. A deliberate choice to keep the walls curved, maintaining the relaxed shape of the hull, also provides ample interior volume. Separately, 3 crew cabins are also situated.

Connemara, full-bodied and hard-wearing linen, is used for the upholstery and bed covers, while Papeete linen, in refined Malachite, is the choice for sommiers and pillows. Millwood, Devondale and Darjeeling striped linens enliven their warm white base colour with shades of blue in various stripe widths and combinations. The same linens are also used for the large decorative cushions found throughout the yacht’s living areas. The decor is completed by fire- resistant technical fabrics for outdoor use, these too featuring blue and white stripes.

The fabrics chosen for the interior are classics for summer seasons on the water, with a predominant use of linen - This fabric ensures coolness and comfort , whilst also adding a gorgeous natural touch with its distinctive slubby, raw texture . Architect Lazzarini Pickering has chosen linens by Loro Piana Interiors in warm white “Biancore'' tones with blue and malachite accents, a combination that eloquently conjures up the 1960s ethos.

The Motopanfilo expresses a love of the sea and a love for life on the water.

This yacht offers the luxury of space and serenity, allowing comfortably private travel to beautiful destinations, for enjoyment with friends and family. People are able to experience the open elements of the sea, with wonderful light, sunsets and reflections. These special experiences are made comfortable with the luxurious living space offered by Motopanfilo 37M, allowing for attentive and personalised service to guests.