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In this age of modern technology, BON Estate’s Tibetan-inspired designs showcase that the biggest luxury is perhaps natural and harmonious living.

The Bon emphasis on maintaining a harmonious relationship with the elements of nature inspires the interior designs of BON Estates, dedicated toward the creation of well-balanced homes and lifestyles.

In its design philosophy, BON Estates aims to harmoniously unite the use of natural elements with modern technology and conveniences to create living spaces that exude balance, warmth, and longevity.

At the stylish three-storey BON Estates Gallery along Jalan Maarof, guests are treated to an unconventional and groundbreaking visit that promises to invigourate one’s senses. Complete with a vegan café on the ground floor, it marks the first ever use of the ‘show experience’ concept in a property sales gallery.

BON’s flagship project, The Estate, is built upon principles of artful harmony in its design and represents the pinnacle of luxurious holistic living in the fast-rising Bangsar South township.

rom the deeply spiritual land of Tibet, the teachings of Bon provide wisdom to all aspects of life, including our own behaviour and our relationship with the elements of nature.


Offering the best of both natural and city living, the Estate overlooks the majestic view of the Bukit Gasing forest reserve whilst at the same time being closely connected to the Klang Valley’s public transport network.

Built over two blocks of towers, the low-density development fits only four units, one at each corner, in every floor.

The units are designed to accommodate large families. The dual-key concept encourages multi-generational co-habitation whilst providing valuable privacy for all. Each unit comes with a private lift and is offered with four car park lots.

The Estate has been meticulously designed with sustainable and eco-friendly materials to create enduring homes to last a lifetime. Low emission windows facing either east or west, along with deep-overhanging shades and con‍‍‍crete sheer walls on sides facing the sun help minimize the need for high air-con usage.

Engineered wood flooring, Swiss-quality Niro granite tiles, Toto Sanitary ware with high-efficiency flush toilers, PP-R pipes, and fully brass taps are amongst many top quality and long-lasting fittings used in The Estate.