YOO8 Tower A is part of the larger 8Conlay luxury development taking place in central Kuala Lumpur. Set to boast the most distinctive architecture in the KL skyline, 8Conlay is an ambitious project that aims to offer the best in modern luxury living at the heart of the city.

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Flowing With Nature

The modern take of luxury seeks to re-inject tranquillity into our hectic lives. Wood and water are two classic elements that give us that sense of calm.

imultaneously evocative of a modern urban space and tranquil retreat, water and wood are two classic elements that exude calm and contribute a feeling of wellbeing to the environments they affect.

The luxurious YOO8 Tower A serviced residences of 8Conlay bring these two elements together in their interior design, giving its occupants the best of modern design, wellbeing, and refined city living. ‍‍‍


In collaboration with renowned Hong Kong designer Steve Leung, award-winning interior design firm YOO detailed a layout concept that alternated between wood- and water-themed interior designs according floor numbers – units on odd-numbered floors furnished in wood theme, whilst even-numbered floors are furnished according a water theme.

YOO8 service apartments range from sophisticated studio apartment to luxurious three-bedroom uni‍‍‍ts fit for modern royalty.

Working together, Steve Leung & YOO’s two distinctive suite design concepts defined by wood and water pay homage to both eastern and western aesthetic influences.

Embodying equal parts warmth and strength, wood signifies ‍‍‍personal growth and inspiration in eastern philosophy. Enlivened with a bold colour scheme and arresting textures, YOO8’s wood concept suites were conceived as an elegant nod to this natural material.

Water, meanwhile, as nature’s life force, signifies renewal and flow, making it fundamental to Asian design principles. Chicly fashioned, YOO8’s water concept suites are awash with beautiful details and quality furnishings that celebrate their primary source of inspiration.

Water Conc‍‍‍ept

Wood Concept