• When used to partition a patio area, Glass Curtains give you the flexibility to have either an enclosed air-conditioned room or a naturally-ventilated open space, both brightened by natural light.
  • Glass Curtains can also be used to enclose a balcony without disrupting the building’s façade, keeping out the elements without stopping the light. Just push all the panels aside to open it up like any regular balcony.

Sliding Along In Style

Patented from Europe, Glass Curtains are simultaneously all of doors, windows, and curtains engineered into one product offering all the advantages and none of the drawbacks.

ne of the biggest decisions homeowners will ever have to make is how to effectively partition space within their house and how best to facilitate access between those spaces.

Glass Curtains, a patented design invented in 2002 and first introduced in Spain, is an innovative solution consisting of glass panels mounted on rails that can conveniently slide, swing, and stack.

It is, if you would like, a window, swing door, and sliding door, all in one, and can be configured however you see fit.


The panels stack neatly to the side, take up very little space, and offer the flexibility of reverting to the original layout. Each Glass Curtains system is customized for a specific home, with glass panels cut to size and can go up to 3 metres in height.

The Glass Curtains panels are 10mm thick clear tempered glass which means they sturdy and yet barely visible from afar, allowing them to complement your existing interior design. The panels are tested by Sirim to meet Malaysia’s stringent building construction standards.

Such is the flexibility of Glass Curtains, the panels can be laid out in a variety of configurations. Along a straight line track, home owners have the option of opening a swing door in the middle to be used like a regular door. The panels can also slide on curved tracks and negotiate 90-degree bends.

Fits Any Shape and Size

How to Best Make Use of Glass Curtains

Glass Curtains slide smoothly over a patented Teflon Transport System that does not require the use of any bearings or wheels, both of which require regular oiling and maintenance. Glass Curtains are maintenance free and will last you for years without needing oiling or replacement parts. You even get a two-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Maintenance Free