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Shortening 7 days’ worth of an interior designer’s work to just minutes, Archisketch may well be the most innovative accessory you’d ever attach to your phone.


he first step to realizing good interior design is to ensure that your space is correctly measured and mapped. Getting this first task correct, however, is usually easier said than done and often a thanklessly tedious process.

In the old-fashioned way of doing things, your interior designer whips out a tape measure, or a laser in some cases, and meticulously jots the distances between the various points of your home.

A week later comes a two-dimensional top down view of your floorplan and if the designer you engaged is a little more IT-savvy, you get a three-dimensional computer-generated image of the home you envision.

The method is tried and tested, but has the disadvantage of being limited in its functionalities, time-consuming, and not to mention costly for the man-hours of your designer who, let’s not forget, is also paying licensing fees of costly 3D imaging software.

An idea born from the personal frustrations of architects, Archisketch not only simplifies what was previously a time-consuming and labourious process, it does so without breaking the bank.

Paired with its free cloud-based proprietary software, Archisketch measures and generates professional-grade 2D and 3D floor plans of a space you just measured within a matter of minutes, so that you can focus on the serious matter of interior design.

Archisketch’s 3D visualization technology allows you to virtually furnish, decorate, and check your designs in 3D and virtual reality.

Automating Design, So You Can Do It Yourself

How It Works

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The key hardware of Archisketch is its 3D space scanner which is attached to your smartphone. It measures distance in 3D space using any one of three methods:

  • Laser – Measures distance between user and target object within 40 metres.
  • Augmented Reality – Measures distance between any two objects up to 20 metres apart.
  • Space Capture – Measures any space up to 20 metres to auto-generate floorplans. User marks all corners for software to process shape of room.

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the Archistketch 3D Space Scanner measures a compact 89mm x 89mm, and is merely 27.5mm thick.

Development on Archisketch began in November 2014. To date, the team has rolled out four prototype levels and have also launched a beta version of its proprietary web service accessible by desktop.

A Kickstarter campaign was launched in October 2017 to raise funds for the project, although the team has far surpassed its target of US$30,000. The funding campaign ends on 2 December.