‍‍‍Bowers & Wilkins engineers started from the zinc-based chassis of the old CM Series and thoroughly overhauled it to underpin the new 700 Series with a more effective structure in both design and ma‍‍‍terials.

In place of zinc in the CM Series, the 700 Series utilizes aluminium and features a stiffer overall design, thereby suppressing unwanted noise and helping to reveal nuances in the music that one would have previously missed.

By using a significantly cleaner mid-range cone material as well as a significantly quieter chassis, the 700 Series delivers better mid-range quality and overall sound right from the comforts of your living room.


Desirable for their unrivalled sound quality and distinctive design, Bowers & Wilkins speakers are among the most sought-after in the business. The new 700 series brings class-leading sound to elevate home listening to an entirely new level.


he quality of a sound system is often directly related to the sheer power output of its speakers, though it is not an ethos which the folks at Bowers & Wilkins subscribe to.

B&W’s core belief is that a high-quality loudspeaker should be like a flawless pane of glass, allowing the clear passage of a sensory image, uncorrupted, and faithful to every last nuance to the original.

In every B&W speaker, acoustic engineering and style are equal partners and the result every time would be products of unrivalled quality.

One of B&W’s latest products are the new 700 Series speakers, which brings class-leading sound engineered from innovative studio-grade materials straight to your living room.

For almost half a century, Bowers & Wilkins speakers are famous for their iconic yellow Kevlar cones. It serves a functional purpose, however, as the woven construction of Kevlar is effective in reducing unwanted resonance noises, making it the material of choice for midrange sou‍‍‍nd.

A decade ago, B&W began researching new materials to surpass the acoustic properties of Kevlar. The fruit of that labour was Continuum, which rolled out in 2015 in B&W’s flagship 800 Series Diamond and has now trickled down to the 700 Series.

Continuum has similar woven properties to Kevlar but is much more effective at reducing noise from the primary sonic impulse, allowing the a lot more of the original signal to be heard thereby enhancing crispness and clarity.

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