Pink & Green

Amidst the bustling streets of Georgetown, Penang, hides a quiet haven for you to sip a cup of coffee within lush surroundings. H‍‍‍ave a relaxing cuppa at Matcho Café.


estled in the heart of town, Matcho Cafe is like a little haven away from the noises and chaos. To inject a little colour to the other wise dull grey and white setting of the heritage shophouse, the café’s interior space pairs lush green foliage with coral pink, giving the design a wild tropical setting with a hint of feministry.

Strokes o‍‍‍f

words by KON

The tropical forest-themed interior is painted with strokes of coral pink lime plaster contrasting its stark white wall for this cafe. The cafe is built within the infamous heritage shophouse of Penang, featuring traditional rattan furniture and local palms to retain the original roots of the island’s heritage culture.

The open air well is shared with the tenant on the ground floor. To provide privacy while retaining natural sunlight, the air well is covered with frosted glass stickers with botanical artwork, thus staying true to the nature-oriented theme.

Neon signage at the front entrance and flamingo neon artwork represents the youthful energy of the millennial with a rattan swing chair with plants setting to provide a playful accent.

The community table setting encourages ideas exchange and ‍‍‍socialising amongst like-minded with bench seats and mixtures of different chairs design to represent people from different walks of life and provide a more casual setting.

Completing the café’s setup, the coffee bar is minimalist with clean lines and texture of black, slate surface and pink hues.

Matcho Café is situated at 99B Lebuh Noordin, Penang, and is designed by Grov Design Studios.