Natural Brew‍‍‍

Drowned by the sounds & lights of the concrete jungle, the simplicity of minimalism can help us rediscover ourselves. If you’re in Penang, The Craftisan café is one place in which you can retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.


he overcrowded streets of the big city are often painted as being full of glamour and very fascinating. To the uninitiated, there seems to be novelty in every corner, the dazzling dresses and habits of city dwellers.

In the of all these glitz, our common human touch and our relationship with nature suddenly becomes easy to lose.

Crafting a

words by KON

The interior of The Craftisan café contrasts the dazzle of the city with a design theme that is plain and simple. Situated in the heart of the busy Pe‍‍‍nang Island is a café designed to be calm and quiet, with an interior design that is fresh and minimalistic.

The space is designed to put people in direct touch with nature, but without the wilderness that often comes with it. Love to experience nature but leeches and mosquitoes ain’t your thing? The Craftisan is the place you want to be at.

The green hues of air plants and terrariums are complimented with neutral shades of natural wood and white as blank canvas. The interior appreciate the absence of unnecessary features, treasures a life in quietness and aims to reveal the innate character of materials.

It is with this absence of sun and bustle that allows the full appreciation of the art of coffee. The design has the central principle of letting the essence of handcrafted coffees and homage desserts express itself.

‍‍‍Client: Sogor
Design Style: Minimalist Green Interior
Area: 1400 sqft
Design Duration: Nov 2016 - Mar 2017‍‍‍
Renovation Duration: Mar 2017 - Jun 2017
Renovation Work: Wiring, Painting, Lighting, Carpentry Works, Furniture, Floorboard