Who says appliances need be boring? Some household white goods can serve your home and look ‍‍‍‍‍‍good whilst doing it.


ur homes need first and foremost be functional, but there is nothing that says this has to come at the expense of style. Most appliances are admittedly designed to prioritize function over form, thereby looking not too flattering and not gelling well with the interior of your beautifully-designed home.

When Style Meets

words by K‍‍‍ON

Some companies, however, take it upon themselves to engineer products that not only meet your domestic needs, but also to encase them in beautiful designs. Here are some suggestions of products that serve a useful purpose at home and look good in the process.

Dyson Bladeless Fans

A breeze of fresh air out of seemingly nothing. The sight of air blowing from just a ring is the stuff of science fiction made into reality by Dyson’s distinctive bladeless fans. Dyson’s proprietary technology is engineered to blow a powerful breeze of air yet quieter and more energy efficient than conventional fans. With no spinning blades, the fans are also safe to use and easy to clean.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Dyson H‍‍‍air Dryer

Building on its expertise making bladeless fans, Dyson applies a similar technology to a new range of hairdryers. Mildly resembling a sci-fi ray gun, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer merges futuristic style with present-day usability.

Senz Invisible Multihood

Stylishly flush into your kitchen cabinet, the Senz Invisible MultiHood sucks away the fumes of your cooking whilst staying discreetly out of sight, visible only to yourself and your most discerning guests. It is elegantly styled with 6mm tempered glass providing a classy appearance whilst also being easy to clean.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

The iconic bright colours of KitchenAid Stand Mixers light up any countertop with their distinctive appearance. The new range of Artisan Mini Stand Mixers that are 25% lighter and 20% smaller than regular mixers mean that even small kitchens get to benefit from KitchenAid mixers without needing to take up too much space.

Eubiq Power‍‍‍ Tracks

Stylish, versatile, and safe to operate. Eubiq’s GSS system power tracks allow you to add, remove, and reposition power outlets anytime anywhere by just a simple twist. The power tracks are not only convenient to use and modern to look at, they are heavy duty too, capable of taking up to 32 amps of current at one time.

Le Creuset French Oven

The smooth enamel finish of Le Creuset’s cast iron not only give its pots their distinctive bright colourful appearance, but are also durable and hygienic. The pots are usable for a variety of cooking – stew, fry, or boiling – and be just as easy to clean and maintain after. Best of all, they look good enough that you don’t have to keep them away immediately after you’re done using them.