Selecting a kitchen countertop surface that is safe for baking and cooking

The Lunar New Year is the time where most families will dish out all their kitchen equipment as they knead and dough away to create an abundance of traditional delicacies such as pineapple tarts that symbolise a sweet life to a new year, or chinese peanut cookies which symbolises longevity and health. Hence, it is important to select a countertop to ensure that any meals or delicacies would be safe for consumption and this is where the Ethereal by Silestone collection plays an important role. The collection is made of the HybriQ+ technology, where the presence of crystalline silica is significantly reduced, which means you can rest assured that no harmful or artificial gases will be emitted affecting the food prepared on it.

for the ultimate Lunar feast

As we enter the roaring “Year of the Tiger”, Chinese families get busy in the kitchen as they prepare themselves for the most important celebration in the lunar calendar, marking the beginning of a New Year. It is the only time of the year where families finally take time off from their busy schedules, reunite from near or far, and bond over auspicious feasts that represent different meanings.


Meals are an integral part of the Chinese custom during this festivity, and the kitchen surface plays a crucial role as family members come together to cook or bake up a storm. It is more important than ever now to select the right kitchen surface to keep your sanity in check as you brace yourself for the busiest time of the year ensuring your family have the best time and are on the right track to welcome the New Year.

As these dishes contain various sauces and condiments, it is very easy for surfaces to absorb and leave unwanted stains. This is all the more important to find a surface that is durable with low porosity that guarantees zero liquid absorption such as the Ethereal by Silestone surface collection. Best of all, Cosentino surfaces are very easy to maintain and all you need to do is to ensure that you wipe up the surface with a damp cloth after and you can go about your day worry-free.

This is where the classy marble-inspired Ethereal by Cosentino collection is a clear winner in this area. With its luxurious and aesthetically pleasing colours inspired by the beauty in the sky, which comes in four colours such as Ethereal Dusk, Ethereal Haze, Ethereal Glow and Ethereal Noctis, a minimal red, gold or even pink decorations would do the trick! You can also opt to have fully bloomed live plants like pink peonies, a symbol of the Lunar New Year having meant “the king of flowers” that often pairs well with a marble background and would liven up any Lunar festivity. Since it is also the Year of the Tiger, you may also opt to add a dash of orange (the colour of the tiger) by opting to add a small tangerine or kumquat tree display which signifies a year of growing wealth and prosperity for the new year.


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Toss for Prosperity and Get Your Hotpot Game On without worrying about stains

Most Chinese families in Malaysia enjoy coming together to share meals, typically preparing two key dishes that are a common favourite for sharing. The first would be “Yusheng” known as “Prosperity Toss” consisting of various sauces and condiments among other ingredients. Secondly would be hotpot or steamboat, a simmering pot of soup stock at the dining table containing a variety of Chinese foodstuffs and ingredients, typically enjoyed during the eve’s significant reunion dinner or throughout any of the fifteen days of the Lunar New Year.

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A classy surface to add to the ambience as you play host for the Lunar meal experience

A big part of any festivities is its ambience and decorations, and the Lunar New Year is no different. As families often visit each other’s homes during the Lunar New Year, most families ensure their homes are well-prepared with creative decorations on display. As ambience also contributes to the meal experience, a good kitchen surface is vital when hosting and contributing to the overall Lunar meal experience.