Get Your Home Hari Raya Ready To Be The Perfect Host

Ramadan is upon us once again, Alhamdulillah! While this is a time for self-reflection and spiritual focus, we can’t deny that we’re already counting down the days till Hari Raya Aidilfitri. This means jazzing up our houses for the festive season and getting ready to host exciting gatherings with family, friends, neighbours and more! From your living room, and dining room to the kitchen, it will be the focal point of your home for any open house. Leave a memorable impression on your guests with these essential tips to get your home ready and be the perfect host during the Raya celebration with Cosentino.

Host Your Raya Feast in a Modern and Sleek Dining Space

One of the highlights of Hari Raya is savouring sumptuous homecooked feasts together as a family. Hence it is vital to have a quality and sturdy dining table to ensure everyone can sit comfortably. To host and accommodate your guests, one can consider installing one of Cosentino's Ethereal by Silestone surfaces that come in Ethereal Glow that is simply pure and elegant, bringing an accent of colour to every corner or Ethereal Noctis that is synonymous with sophistication. With Ethereal's neutral white foundation, you can opt to use your festive tableware that sets a stunning stage for your Raya delicacies. After the festivities, it also excludes a sleek and sophisticated look for the modern home designs that you desire all year round that can seamlessly complement various elements in your home.

Serve Up Festive Goodies to Your Guests on a Statement Coffee Table in the Living Room

The living room plays an essential role in creating a welcoming atmosphere, where most gatherings take place. Hence, having a statement coffee table is a must to serve up your delicious Raya kuih-muih to your guests and family members to enjoy while spending time bonding over shows or just catching up on life. To keep your living room stylish, you can opt to implement the tranquil and avant-garde Cosentino Ethereal by Silestone surfaces with colours like Ethereal Dusk that showcase an urban look. To amp up your living space on this joyous occasion, you can also display various festive decorative items like fresh flowers to create a natural and refreshing setting to uplift your living room's Raya mood and atmosphere while hosting your guests.

An Eid to Remember

Prepare Your Festive Raya Dishes and Delicacies Safely for Your Guests

Food plays a significant role in the festive atmosphere of Hari Raya celebrations; it is also a symbol of social bonding, togetherness and harmony of family, friends, and the community. Moreover, food preparation with family members encourages mutual interactions and strengthens relationships. Hence, a quality countertop is essential as we prepare various dishes and an array of mouth-watering delicacies to be served on this festive occasion. Just in time for Raya this year, you can change it up with Cosentino's Ethereal by Silestone collection made with the exclusive and sustainable HybriQ+® technology that significantly reduces the presence of crystalline silica to ensure no harmful or artificial gases are emitted. Therefore, you can rest assured that any food prepared on it will be safe for your family and guests to consume.


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